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Power BI, as one of the most important products in the field of business
intelligence, is widely used in the industry, but its original portal is often
difficult to integrate with the actual use of enterprises. The portal solution
provided by Sharewinfo BI Portal includes not only the common functions of Power BI, but also the management of users, roles, menus and
privileges. It uses the mainstream front-end solutions in the industry and
is compatible with more business scenarios, which is more suitable for
the actual use of enterprises.


Function Introduction:

Product Advantage: 

▪ Support the nesting of different types of reports in all Power BI international
  cloud, domestic cloud and local

▪ Custom navigation bar settings, adding your own shortcut menu
▪ Independent functional permissions, data authority management
▪ System skin change, custom layout, theme home page settings

Product Features

Login and Authentication

Support login and authentication for
non-Power BI users.

One-click deployment

One-click deployment makes the
deployment of Info Portal simple, fast and convenient.

Custom Navigation Bar

Support Custom navigation bar settings, adding your own shortcut menu.

Perfect Nesting of All Reports

Support the nesting of different types of reports in all Power BI international cloud, domestic cloud and local cloud, and achieve the adaptive function of
nested report size.

Personalized Page

All personalized settings, such as System Skin Change, Custom Layout and Theme Home Page Settings, are up to you to
make your report more beautiful.

Online Support for Report

Support Pow BI Report addition, import, modify and real-time refresh, so that we can modify and view the latest report
status anytime and anywhere.

Traceless Compatibility with
Other Systems

Compatible with the existing application systems of .Net and Java at the same
time and presenting a completely new
application system perfectly.

Independent Authority

Support Independent authority
management so that authority settings
control protects the information security of your reports.

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