Our company provides two ways for users to integrate SAP data:

Customized SAP Connection Pool: Powerful SAP interfaces can be developed. Importantly,
you need neither complex infrastructure nor additional middleware to do all this!    Componentized SAP Tools: It can store data streams from SAP in any target environment. and its high degree of automation will significantly shorten your development period. 


SAP Data Integration

Our company independently develops data integration components to enable users to
efficiently integrate business data from SalesForce in a configurable and graphical manner.

Salesforce Seamless Integration

Data analysis platform for data outside the business system can use the
DataLoader tool developed by our company to configure lightweight data entry and
file batch data entry and to integrate data into the data warehouse.


Data Collection Platform

Automatic scheduling platform is used to meet the scheduling requirements of
IT managers to flexibly configure tasks and monitor operation quality.

ETL Scheduling Platform

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