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Company Introduction
Beijing Sharewinfo Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010, focusing on Microsoft Business Intelligence direction and currently owning Beijing Head Office and Chengdu Branch. As Microsoft's Gold Partner in Business Intelligence, our company has completed Microsoft Business Intelligence Solutions for many industries. At present, we
have more than 200 employees, most of whom are Microsoft's business intelligence platform engineers, serving Microsoft, Siemens, Huawei, Cummins, Power China, Shell, etc. Our company has lots of proprietary products,
such as data authority management platform, and multidimensional data analysis platform.

Microsoft Gold Partners
As a major partner with Microsoft's business intelligence gold capability, our
company ensures that we receive the highest level of attention, expertise and
results from Microsoft technology to provide our customers with leading
business solutions.
Product Advantage
Our company independently develops a variety of products in the field of business
intelligence, including multi-level authority management platform, multi-dimensional data analysis platform, data integration components, etc. Therefore, we can better
provide customers with quality product services.
Service Advantage
Our company currently provides business intelligence implementation services for Huawei, Microsoft, Siemens, Cummins and other high-quality customers. With the help of rich successful experience, we can provide more professional service for our customers.
Education & Training
Our company has also carried out many training courses and has provided training services for thousands of BI engineers to deliver fresh blood to the field of business intelligence.

Our Team

The core of the team is a group of business intelligence experts with rich theoretical and practical experience. Besides, we have a
large elite team of BI engineers with rich practical experience in many fields, such as manufacturing, finance and retail.

Microsoft Certification

52 persons passed Microsoft Certification

PMP Certification

35 persons passed PMP Certification

Company Introduction

Our company's implementation team and research and development team have
provided industry solutions for many
industries and fields, and we also have
lots of self-developed products in the field
of business intelligence. "Customer-centered" spirit of our enterprise is designed to provide more professional and efficient
services for customers.

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Sales E-mail: jcui@sharewinfo.com

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