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Our company has been developing deeply in data visualization.
Based on Java Script, we have developed a series of Power BI
custom visualization controls to provide intuitive, interactive
rich data visualization charts that can be highly customized.

Combining with the profound understanding of business
intelligence, our company independently develops a data entry
platform. Users can realize zero code management
configuration data template, verification rules, data sources and
so on. It helps users to achieve 
rapid data collection
and standardization.

Info Portal provides single sign-on, integration (including Power BI,
SSRS,etc.) of different types and sources of data. It is a comprehensive
enterprise data platform, which is oriented to 360-degree enterprise
information field and builds end-to-end 
integrated Web applications.

Based on rich industry experience and proven emerging
technologies, our company regularly organizes business
intelligence technology training, including power BI, enterprise BI
technology, model optimization and other rich topics. We are
committed to popularizing data science and helping more people
benefit from data.

Our company has been focusing on BI for more than 15 years,
combining innovation, professional technical knowledge with
rigorous delivery mode, providing high-quality business
intelligence solutions, and promoting enterprise collaboration
and information sharing, and landing data realization. We have
helped hundreds of large and medium-sized enterprises in
various industries to improve business agility, employee
productivity and customer loyalty, and to achieve digital
transformation perfectly.



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The implementation and system integration of Sharewinfo Agile Power BI platform provide a powerful and agile data analysis platform for enterprises through intelligent dynamic analysis, fast visual operation and abundant data presentation forms.

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